Welcome Small & Large Fleet Owners, Owners / Operators
We can store semi's, RV's, and busses for a monthly rate.

Rockland Truck & Trailer Storage provides 24/7 well-lighted and a secure truck and trailer parking/storage yard for semis, RVs, and buses  Peace of mind can mean everything and, with Rockland, you can rest assured that your vehicles will be protected. At Rockland Truck & Trailer Storage, we have 15 acres of fenced-in space for our customers. For additional safety, we offer private numbered spaces, as well as a coded security system and security cameras on site. For additional convenience, we offer electrical hook-ups and concrete dolly pads. On-site maintenance is available as well, and there is a separate, secure parking lot for cars.

Conveniently located in Millbury, Ohio, Rockland Truck & Trailer Storage is within six miles of the Ohio Turnpike outside of Toledo on SR-795 and just two miles from the Ohio Turnpike on I-280. There are plenty of fuel stops on both SR-795 and I-280, so no matter which direction you need to travel, you'll be on your way quickly, since we are located just 65 miles from Detroit, 244 miles from Chicago, 105 miles from Cleveland, and 126 from Columbus.

We welcome both small and large fleet owners and owner/operators and offer monthly rates. Rockland is committed to serving your needs. Our flexible storage solution helps eliminate theft or costly damages to your vehicle. For more information, contact Rockland Truck & Trailer Storage today.

Features Offered:

  • 15 Acre Fenced with Security Cameras On-Site

  • 24-Hr Access with Coded Security System

  • Lit, Secure, Private Numbered Spaces

  • Electrical Hook-Ups Available Maintenance Available

  • Separate, Secure Parking Lot for Cars

  • Paved with Concrete Dolly Pads

  • Fuel Stops on SR-795 & I-280

  • Monthly Rates

  • Assigned Parking

  • Truck Parking for Rent

  • Truck Parking Spaces

  • Convenient services available:
    Goodyear 795 Tire
    Thermo King of Ohio
    Wrecker services

  • Great Location!
    Located Near SR-795 & I-280
    2 miles to The Ohio Turnpike on I-280
    6 miles to The Ohio Turnpike on SR-795

Safe Tractor and Trailer
Parking & Storage

We've Got A Safe Place For Your Rig!

Owner Operator, Small Fleet,
Safe & Secure Parking

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Toledo Ohio Truck Parking
3695 Rockland Circle
Millbury, OH 43447

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